• 05/18/07:  John, I have just perused through your website, read all of your stuff!  All I can say is brilliant, entertaining and funny and thought-worthy.  I will keep it for George to read.  I must say you have a genius quality.  Everyone will love it.  It can't possibly do anything short of overwhelming success.  -- Carol Remington.

  • 11/01/07:  "I found John Buchanan's Tiller Tales to be sumptuous and excitingly different from the run of the mill cruising tales, thank you John for sharing your experience."  -- Tommy Poppell, S/V Dream Weaver

  • 11/24/07:  "We loved 'Café News' when John first presented it years ago at the marina in Isla Mujeres, Mexico; it gave something to look forward too each morning; it spiced up our life.  John has a special sense of humor." --    Dick & Kathy de Grasse, s/y Endeavour

  • 11/30/07:  "I was fortunate enough to be a cruiser in Isla Mujeres when John first did Rick's Café on the Isla Mujeres cruisers net. It became a staple of the daily production. It was looked forward to by virtually everyone in the anchorage. There was always a play on words that never failed to amuse. It was usually humorous, occasionally cutting but never disappointing. I've enjoyed reliving the stories. -- Steve Schams, s/v View Finder

  • 12/04/07:  After reading 'Cafe News' I am reminded just how glorious it was to be living on a small sail boat in 2004. I long for the sights, sounds, warmth, camaraderie, and the daily cruisers Net punctuated by "Cafe News from Rick's Cafe".  John never failed to entertain.  The Palapa of Knowledge will never be replaced.  The hurricane took everything but our memories, photos, and John's words.  I remember the moment Nereis pulled into the harbor in Isla Mujeres not knowing that my life had just changed forever.  -- DK Schams, s/v View Finder


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